Sustainability as a Business Strategy

Sustainability as a Business Strategy by Harish Methil

An introductory course on making the participants understand that Sustainability Strategies can be a core part of the business strategy rather than just a compliance guideline. Studies have proven that purpose-driven organizations characterized by regenerative and pro-social approach as themes, have an edge over businesses approaching sustainability as a compliance tool. Building the core of business with Sustainability as a theme, guided by the North Star, the “ Purpose”, helps the organization to be “different” from peers.

Key Course Objectives:

  1. Participants can start asking themselves on their purpose and organisational purpose and how to identify a link and alignment.
  2. How various business models have evolved , when sustainability became a core business strategy.
  3. What is the impact of supply chain on Environment and Society?
  4. How sustainability can be rolled out and measured?
  5. Fundamental concepts of Circular economy .

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